Holistic Pediatrics

Holistic medicine, based on ancient healing wisdom, not only relieves symptoms, but also addresses the root causes.

We treat each child as a whole, not just treating a disease or symptoms. Our body is constantly maintaining a balance that protects us from dis-ease and helps us to heal ourselves. Illness occurs when this harmony is disturbed. The holistic approach is to restore balance.

Dr. Sally’s gentle approach encourages wellness through all stages of childhood development. Treatments are painless, gentle and can consist of Shonishin or Tuina massage, moxa, cupping, essential oils, dietary and other recommendations.

1BA0BDF5-E701-4756-AAC1-ADF99B94271FDr. Sally Sherriff, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine & Herbalist
Certified in Traditional Oriental Medicine in Japan in 1993, she holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Sally teaches Pediatrics and Clinical Medicine at Five Branches University, and is founder and director of Healthy Dragon Healing Arts. She specializes in holistic pediatric care, family health, and relief of allergies, pain & stress.

website: DrSally.org 
phone: (831) 295-6327


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