Body Work— Massage Therapy

Ben Otto, Bodywork Practitioner 

Deep transformational bodywork done with clothes on. Heal, clear stress, improve posture, release pain!

Catherine Calmels, Massage Therapist

Catherine became a Licensed Massage Therapist in Daytona College in Florida in 2013. Catherine traveled to Thailand to get certified in Thai Massage and recently came back from India where she earned her certification as a yoga teacher. Her specialties include Therapeutic/Pressure Point, Swedish, Prenatal Massage, and Thai Massage. She loves to help clients by listening to what they say to help get the relief they deserve. Her passion is in her work and showing clients how to be aware of their body and help them towards their healing process.


Adam Lacey, Manual Therapy

Adam has been practicing manual therapy since 1992. In 1996 and 2000 he trained in Thai Massage in Thailand.  He has been studying Esalen Deep Bodywork at Esalen Institute in Big Sur since 2005.
Adam began his Structural Integration, commonly known as “Rolfing,” practice in 2013. He is a certified Pilates instructor teaching since 2014.

Adam currently does functional movement assessment and training and post rehab manual therapy and Structural Integration.

Phone: Text or call 831-325-8690

  • Services
    • 60 minutes $105
    • 90-minute massage: $140
    • 2hrs $160

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