Welcome to Healthy Dragon Healing Arts! We provide a warm, beautiful healing environment with an extensive selection of natural curative disciplines. Our practitioners uphold the highest standards of professionalism, care and sensitivity to their client base.

The safety and health of our patients and clients is our highest priority. Infection prevention measures have been implemented, with rigorous disinfecting, wearing of masks, physical distancing of patients and health monitoring of all visitors to the clinic. 

Healthy Dragon clinicians are the finest in their individual disciplines, working with great integrity and dedication – they love what they do, it is their life’s work.  The approach is holistic: integrating the emotions, body, mind and spirit.

Our offerings include:

Traditional Oriental Medicinehealthy-dragon-logo-lockup-redHolistic Pediatrics
Spiritual Counseling & Hypnotherapy
Marriage and Family Counseling
Massage Therapy



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